In this nothing
that reigns and destroys
like a fairy tale
to be told to children
the Brothers of Arms return
One among a thousand
Among those who were lost
far from you
in solitary lands
they walked
in fields stained with red
like that cross on the chest
Prodigal sons
returned from the border
went down to the underworld
they fought
against their demons
reborn “Miles”
thanks to Divin Love
So many different voices
Many different faces
that speak different languages
and at different times
they have won themselves
Brothers of arms
that fill the nothing
changing the world
and if one day
you will send them
at the gates of hell
you will find them there
They will not back away
They will hold the position
They will rather die
But they will be there
to honor the chain
that binds them to the living
like the powerful
Celestial Militia.

A Knight of the Temple