The Priory of San Rocco operates largely in the Marche, Abruzzo, Molise regions and partly in the Umbria region. The territory, despite being very large, sees our constant presence in many places and is divided, until today, in five Commanderies and three Lance (spear).

The Priory has been active for several years and the Commanderies divide the territory in such a way as to be present and respond promptly to the requests of the Clergy. To date we are over seventy, including brothers and sisters, divided into Knights, Dames and Novices.

The Commanderie of the Priory are constantly engaged in various parishes of the diocese of competence; during 2017 the activities carried out were numerous and full of gratitude from the people who came into contact with us. We are constantly present in Pescara at the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart, in the center of the city, the first saturday of each month, where we participate in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and to follow at the Mass officiated by our “Minister Templi” Don Tonino Di Tommaso. Starting from January 2018 we will have the new premises adjacent to the Sanctuary.

In the land of Abruzzo we were present in several patronal festivals with the presence of His Eminence Cardinal Menichelli on the feast of the Patron Saint Frank of Francavilla a Mare of our “Minister Templi” Don Domenico on the feast of St. George in Petrella Tifernina and we participated with drapery in other locations both in Abruzzo and in Molise.

In the Umbrian land we keep the church of Santa Croce di Coliano in Purello, a hamlet of Fossato di Vico, which has been entrusted to us for free use by the owner; we participate in the various patronal festivals such as the feast of the Madonna della Ghea in Purello, which saw the presence of His Eminence Cardinal Bassetti. Todi sees us constantly present for one of our appointments at least once a year.

At the request of Don Angelo Ciancotti and authorized by His Excellency Monsignor D’Ercole, Bishop of the Diocese of Ascoli Piceno, every Sunday we participate in the morning Mass and we are present to guard the Cathedral of Sant’Emidio, with actions of guide between worship and culture until 6.00 pm. In the city of Fabriano, the Prior of the Friars Silvestrini, Don Vincenzo Bracci, as well as involving us in the custody of the Church of San Benedetto, asked us to keep the Crypt of the “Blessed John with the stick” open every Saturday afternoon, even with the benevolence of His Excellency Monsignor Stefano Russo, Bishop of the Diocese of Fabriano.

In 2017 we were welcomed in the Council of the Diocese of Senigallia thanks to His Excellency Monsignor Manenti and we participate in all the religious initiatives of the Diocese; constantly present every first Monday of the month in Ostra Vetere in the Sanctuary of San Pasquale di Baylon, every last Saturday of the month in Mondolfo in the Church of San Gervasio in Bulgaria and every 23 of the month in Marotta in the Church of San Giovanni Apostolo.

We participate in all the initiatives organized at the Church of the Cross of Senigallia, the Confraternity of the Sacrament and the Cross, which through its Prior Prof. Giampiero Streccioni constantly involves us and during 2017 he wanted to reward us by donating to our association 4 very important relics:

  • Relic of Saint Stephen first Protomartyr
  • Relic of San Rocco
  • Relic of Mary Magdalene and
  • Relic of Saint Bernard.

In the territory of Macerata, we participate annually in the Eucharistic Celebration of 6 August in Collemese di Fiastra and in San Severino at the feast of the Madonna dei Lumi; we are present in Tolentino at the Church of the Sacred Heart invited by the local Confraternity.

Our activities aim to improve the spiritual and chivalrous knowledge of our associates through the organization of catecheses of Priests who assist us in our spiritual journey and through meetings whose purpose is to train, according to the tradition of chivalry, the knights and dame of tomorrow.


Frà Carlo Omero Campana

Eques Justitiae Prior Sancti Rochi