In the period in which the Year of Mercy took place, in the second most important Papal Basilica, or St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome, we Catholic Templars were called to perform a service next to the caretakers and other volunteers to better arrange and prepare the reception of those pilgrims who came to this Temple with the intent and devotion to cross the Holy Door and at the same time to continue our work of new evangelization by witnessing the Christianity of which we are an integral part and in which we sink the roots of our Culture and of our Cult safeguarded by the extraordinary work of the Benedictine Monks, who, even today from 1300 years, live without ever having interrupted this residence.

The Abbey annexed to the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls

How many cultures, how long history is hidden among the majestic walls of this Sacred Temple, unique icon of its kind and in the precious reading that it contains.

Completely rebuilt after the fire of 15 July 1823 the Papal Basilica of San Paolo o.t.w. It has always been a pilgrimage for all those who wanted to visit the Apostle of the people, St. Paul, who, together with Maddalena, I define the convert with the capital “C” of which is visible, after the last works of restoration, the western part of the Sarcophagus that contains the remains.

That Apostle who accompanied me on the Christian path since adolescence. Patron of the village of my origins, Solarino, a small town in the province of Syracuse (Sicily), the Apostle Paul stops in this place for three days and three nights returning from Malta and there tradition is still celebrating it twice a year, today he wants me with him in his burial place, in the role of Catholic Templar to carry out his work of evangelization, to witness together with my Brothers, with the Cross well in plain sight, the Passion and a path of faith referring to the charism of the ancient Monks Warriors with a white mantle, the Templars (who were and those who are) in the same dwelling, next to the Holy Father and for the same cause, what we call “the holy and the right battle”, fought as by Paul, against ourselves and against the persecutors of the Catholic Church, only no longer with arms, but as Jesus Christ taught us, through prayer, constancy and willpower.

To all this benefits the way of our modern Templars undertaken and this is what we bring to bear, traveling against the current, going slowly but steadily towards one direction: Jesus Christ; all together, in spite of the world around us and of course we are part of, is overwhelmed by the frenzy of the little devotion to the Faith, incoherence and hypocrisy.

We carry Jesus with our heart and this is why, from all over Italy, we managed, even with economic, family, health and every kind of problems, every weekend, to guarantee the service of the Basilica, 10 Brothers, as Volunteers, to give our help in support of the Church of Pope Francis, successor of all the popes before him and Peter; that Peter as a friend of Paul, on whom Jesus Christ believed and wanted to found His Church, Us.

How much emotion have given me those pilgrims who have thanked us for our service, according to them, with such devotion and impeccable seriousness.

How important and strong were the words, “we feel more confident with you Templars who supervise together with the guardians and the other armed forces“, pronounced towards us by the many faithful of the place that every day go to the Basilica to participate at Solemnities celebrated by the Monks and by all the Prelates who pass through this Holy Place.

Their manifestations of affection unite obviously to our strong Faith and devotion to Christ and to those Brother Monks who 700 years ago were martyred unjustly, simply for having kept their word, for having given all that for the just cause they had married, for keeping up to the last to pray the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ her Son (even while they were burnt alive), to have defended their Christian origins … here, all this, gives us the strength to go on despite the adversities, the hostility that we find in the path and despite many consider us anachronistic.

Actual, in this way, I define ourselves, rather than anachronistic!

In the minority, if not the only ones who, as then, said Yes! to the Calling of Jesus accepting the way that has been shown to us all, that chivalrous and, I am flattered and honored that we are at least trying to change, one by one: first of all ourselves, single units of the world, showing that question “how do you change the world?” in reality there is an answer. Answer that is within everyone’s reach, so obvious and simple that no one believes that it can be the real and definitive one: to change individuals, precisely. But then, did not Jesus say that good, that great things are made by making very small and very simple efforts and actions?

I close my heartfelt thanks to all my Brothers who in this daily “battle” are near me and all the Faithful who give us, with their expressions of affection, the right charge to continue to pursue this very tortuous and difficult Way that nothing else it can lead to the salvation, if nothing else, of our conscience … which awakens it as it has repeatedly asked our First Knight, Jesus Christ and his current successor in Pope Francis Land.


Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam

Fra’ Daniele