Approximately two hundred white mantles of purity, caparisoned by the red of the Cross of Christ, sign of the passion, passed through the historical center of the city of Naples on 14 and 15 May 2016. Despite the rain, this white river has cut the alleys and streets around to the decumani (main avenues of the city) under the amazement of all citizens and thousands of tourists in the city.

Who were they? The Catholic Templars gathered in their spiritual retreat, after 700 years that the city did not see the white mantles.

As always, the City of Naples has responded well, in full Catholic tradition. Many people took an interest in us during the silent walks for the Faith that saw us through the historical center, venerating the relic of the Holy Cross that we brought with us. Even the two Eucharistic celebrations celebrated at the magnificent Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore have been very much attended by the Faithful.

Our spiritual retreats take place with a great basic rule: “to offer two whole days to the Lord Jesus Christ, our King”. This retreat has seen us guests of the Conventual Complex of the Vincentian Fathers who welcomed us with immense warmth: we felt at home. We had the honor to hear the words of Father Guerra (Guardian of the Vincentian Fathers’ Complex), of Don Antonio Cannatelli (referent in the Curia and our Spiritual Father), of Father Eduardo Anatrella (Deputy Pastor of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception in Vomero) our Spiritual Father). Thanks go to all of them for the spiritual growth that they have given us.

As in our chivalrous life, even more so to our retreats we escape from idleness and wealth. In these two days, in fact, we rest on camp beds and sleeping bags and on Saturday night we observe fasting and we like to pray our King, Jesus Christ, in absolute silence, until Sunday dawn and then conclude everything by participating in the Celebration. of Pentecost in a Temple so rich in the spirit of our faith as the Cathedral of Naples.

Many faithful and tourists on the street asked us, intrigued by such a silent, exemplary and admirable demonstration of faith.

I thank my city for having welcomed in a huge embrace the Catholic Templars of Italy. From today, if possible, I am even more proud of being a Neapolitan DOC.



Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam


Fra ‘Francesco