If you are silent, keep silent for love. If you speak, speak for love.
If you correct, correct for love.
If you forgive, forgive for love.
May the root of love be always in you,
because only love can come from this root.
Love, and do what you want.
Love in adversity endures,
in prosperity it moderates,
in suffering it is strong,
in good works it is hilarious,
in temptations it is safe,
in hospitality it is generous,
among the true brothers it is happy,
among the false it is patient.
It is the soul of the sacred books,
it is virtue of prophecy,
it is the salvation of the mysteries,
it is the force of science,
it is the fruit of faith,
it is the richness of the poor,
it is the life of those who die.

Love is everything

Saint Augustine